Swedish Massage

Sports Massage


Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release


This type of massage is great for relaxation, de-stressing and regrouping. Lighter, softer techniques are used to calm the body and help bring your body back into balance. Great massage if you are looking for a peaceful "Me Time".


This massage is great for athletes and people who work out regularly. Stretching is incorporated in with some deep muscle work to help with flexibility and range of motion. This massage also helps with recovery time and reduces chances of injury.


This massage focuses on applying pressure on specific points on the feet or hands. This modality is helpful for relaxation, and also is known to be used to help detoxify other parts of the body. This massage is also good for those clients where some circulatory massages are not able to be performed.


If you are suffering from chronic muscle pain, this is the massage for you. Many of times our muscles get over used and beat up with everyday activities. This will cause our muscles to get tangled or even stuck, causing a great deal of pain. With a deep tissue / myofascial release we are able to manually manipulate the muscles to release anything that is preventing movement and causing pain.


***Level 1 Certified***


***Prenatal massage also available if the client is cleared from some common prenatal issues***